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Electro screw mechanical mast

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Product Name: Electro screw mechanical mast
Item: Electro Mechanical Mast

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The electro mechanical mast recently designed and manufactured by Tianhe fellow man is a materpiece in elevation industry.

electro screw mast model


electro mast introduction

specific data of electro mast

TIANHEMAST electro motor operated mehcanical mast is a revolutionary screw-drive mast designed for communications, reconnaissance, and surveillance applications. The electro mast is lightweight, mobile and allows internal or external mountings for MRAP or shelter installations. Built with durable, high strength aluminum tube sections, the electro mast is designed and tested to meet MIL-STD-810 environmental standards for operations in extreme conditions.

110kg payload capacity test

TIANHEMAST electro motor operated mast is a  rugged version of whole Tianhemast telescopic mast products. The Pictures showed above is a testing procedure that Tianhemast fellow man put 125kgs on top of mast and let the mast go up and down for a morning time to test the mast stability. Additional features include larger tube diameters for greater strength and rigidity, non-rotatable self-locking sections that provided tight antenna pointing accuracy, and enhanced controls to provide height read-out. 

Tianhemast Electro mechanical mast is now available range from 6 to 15  meter extended heights. Contact Tianhe Telescopic Mast Factory at 0086 18968747960 for more information.


Below is the video of the electro mechanical mast deploy in a small cart for lighting purpose.

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