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What is a Tianhe Non-locking Telescopic Mast

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Product Name: What is a Tianhe Non-locking Telescopic Mast

non-locking mast pole

A Tianhe Non-Locking pneumatic telescopic mast is a telescopic mast that is for temorary use, inner tube will remain air pressure.

From the working principle and the technical characteristic, its functions as a telescopic cylinder. In use, lifting up and lowering each cylinder is realized by air inflated or air released to the cylinder.

Each cylinder is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material in the technical process of extrusion moulding, cold-drawing, honing, machining, anodization etc., and is subject to strict inspection procedures to ensure the quality of the masts and best tailor to client's needs.

Please see structure drawing of mast if your want to know more details. Contact us if you want's to know more about this Tianhe Non-locking telesopic mast. The mast has features of simple structure, convenient use and stable performance owing to precise production technology, free of maintenance and it is an ideal product for you.

The specification of the mast is determined by section number, outer diameter of the largest section, retracted height and maximum extended height, and the top payload capacity and different masts have the different above technical characteristic.

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