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Vertical Night Scan LED Lighting Tower

Product Name: Vertical Night Scan LED Lighting Tower
Item: Vertical LED Light Tower

Vertical LED Night & Site Scan System

Tianhe Telescopic Mast Factory designed and manufactured the Vertical LED Night & Site Scan System for many application, and we also have customized solution for clients unique requirements about mobile lighting solutions. This VERTICAL LED LIGHTING TOWER "THVL" series is a cost saving and high lumen LED output solutions for many ideal working occasion.


1> Cree chip LED high quality and long life span guarantee

2> Provide 360 degree point accuray lighting and all angle covered (you can point the lights at any             direction)

3> Compact System and very light weighted 

Model Chart Below : 

LED Vertical light tower model chart

System Weight: 

THVL-40-2120  =27.5KGS             THVL-40-4120 =35KGS

THVL-45-2120  =32.5KGS             THVL-45-4120 =40KGS

THVL-60-2120  =35KGS                THVL-60-4120 =43KGS


Video Demo : 

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