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Vehicle Roof LED Light Tower

Product Name: Vehicle Roof LED Light Tower
Item: THRL-18-2120

Vehicle roof mount LED lighting tower   (Night Scan System)


Engineering vehicles, fire flood lighting vehicles, accident reconnaissance vehicles, traffic patrol vehicles, traffic saving vehicles and various commanding vehicles to provide movable lighting.

VEHICLE ROOF MOUNTED LIGHT TOWER SYSTEM Chief Telescoping Light Tower is a roof-mounted and omni-directional lift light for night emergency researched and developed by our own company. It absorbs advanced product structure from abroad and integrates our own ideal to design and improve. It is characterized by manual long-distance control, automatic reset, reliable performance, convenient operation, advanced design and so on.


Excellent Operating System

It adopts pneumatic control device with high airproof, which could work 24 hours continuously without adding pressure.

Long-distance and wide-range illumination
It adopts manual long-distance control with valid distance 400 meters. Within 120 meters it is available to read newspapers and search all objects around.

Automatic recovery device
It is equipped with over-voltage, over-current and automatic recovery protection control device which could prevent circuit damage caused by improper operation.

Pressure safety device
The pressure safety control device, designed and took the lead in the world, could prevent mistake startup from collision of foreign bodies to pressure switch in the high-speed movement.
Strong illumination and Long lifetime
It adopts dysprosium lamp with the brightest light in the world. The luminance of single-lamp could reach 46,000LX and the life could arrive to 10,000 hours.

High temperature resistance
The lampshade is made of special hot-pressure glass with its transparency as twice as common one. It characterizes high temperature resistance and not-easy-to-break.
Waterproof and dustproof
The part switches of controller all imported possess high performance of waterproof and dustproof functions with protection grade Ip66.

Model Chart Below: 


vehicle led light tower model


Drawing for 1.8m LED Tower :  (click to view)




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