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Ultra Heavy Duty Motorized Mechanical Mast

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Product Name: Ultra Heavy Duty Motorized Mechanical Mast
Item: Multi Screw Mast

Tianhemast is a registered trade mark of Tianhe Telescopic Mast Factory. With its great technician team, it have developed Ultra Heavy Duty Multi-screw motorized mechanical telescopic mast which is called "®Thor Mast". Not a copy of Willburt telescopic mast nor Geroh KVL KVR telescoping mast series, Tianhemast have its own technology and its advantages over the competitors.

The "®Thor Mast"  can carry up to 600kgs , go from 3 meters (10 ft) height to 18 meters (60 ft) height . It is a very ideal products for military and heavy radar application and also some GSM communication antenna. 

multi screw mast model

 Design of Ultra heavy duty Thor mast 400kgs payload mechanical mast


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