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UAE Border Patrol Fleet with Tianhemast

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Gulf UAE have equipped with a Tianhemast CCTV telescopic mast, the fleet have all mounted one pole with build in spiral cables. Each mast have mounted with two AXIS camera to protect the country from terrorist attack , since the ISIS now is too bad in killing and attacking.

These equipment will help the government protect their border more safe and help keep the civilians in safe and good order. Extended 8 meter in height , Tianhemast CCTV telescopic mast security system have no dead angle in searching of unexpected activities, and help the nation to keep away from terrorist.

These CCTV mast now are upcoming into a new trend of mobile security industry, a new revolution of mast technology is upgrading by Tianhe peoples efforts. They are now working on electrical mast technology that will fully defeat the rivals all over the world.


Below Pictures are design and real pictures of vehicle fleet mounting with Tianhemast CCTV telescopic mast.


Design of the mast

security pole with Axis camera

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