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TIANHEMAST elevation solution applying field

TIANHEAMST Solutions for everything from mobile communications to media broadcasting, cellular and specific custom applications.

1> Military Applications

  • UAV Tracking or Detection
  • Defense Communications
  • Surveillance Camera Elevation
  • Soldier Training Activities 
  • Emergency Communications
  • Base&Facility Security
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Sensor Elevation
  • Elevated Antennas

2> Homeland Security

  • Surveillance Camera Elevation
  • Communication Antenna Towers
  • Mobile Hydird-Power Generation
  • Mobile Data Centers 
  • Sensor Elevation
  • Data Gathering

3> Law Enforcement Applications

Surveillance Camera Elevations

Communications Antenna Towers

Mobile Hybird-Power Generation

Mobile Data Center

4> Emergency Management Applications

5> Intelligence Gathering Applications

Surveillance Camera Elevation

Communications Antenna Towers

Mobile Power Generation

Mobile Data Centers

Sensor Elevation

6> Research & Scientific Applications

Atmospheric Measurement

Airfield Weather Stations


Underground Observation

Oil-field Exploration

Temporary Marine Mast Date Sensor

7> Security & Surveillance Applications

Data gathering

Camera elevation

Sensor Elevation


Elevated Antennas

8> Border Security Applications


Surveillance camera elevation

Communications Antenna Towers

Mobile Lighting Tower Generations

Mobile Data Centers

Sensor Elevation

9> Commercial Applications


Temporary Cellular Towers

Mobile Telecommunications 

Underground Search

Mine Security

Utility Company Underground Observation

Oil-field Security

Installation fo Singage


Camera Elevation

Sports Metting Elevations

10> Data Collection/Sensors


Camera Elevation

Sensor Elevation

Defence Intelligency

Homeland Security

Underground Obervation

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