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State Grid service vehicle light tower

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State Grid Corporation of China is dominated the electricity market of the whole nation. "We are happy and honored to be partnered with State Grid and build our vehicle mounted intelligent light tower Tianhemast Night View Chief into the roof of the State Grid service vehicle fleet." Tianhemast Regional Sales Manager Huang Said. Tianhemast have long been the system integrator and factory manufacturer of the light tower industry. Local fire truck company, law enforcement department, military communication battalion,civil ministry,mining and specialty vehicle company all have get the service from the one stand manufacturer Tianhemast.


Key features of the Tianhemast Night View Chief light tower:

  • High Lumens deliver rapid scene lighting
  • 12/220v with vehicle battery power supply
  • Camera bracket available
  • Remote and wire control panel
  • Quick deploy time and full rotation and tilting of lights
  • Directs the lights where it's needed most
  • Automatic deployment and stowing



The Tianhemast Night View Chief  is a space-saving, scene lighting, roof-mounted unit at only 20 inches wide enabling installation on new or existing Emergency Services vehicles with limited available mounting space.The light tower have been served as the key products of Tianhe Telescopic Mast Factory for years.

The Night View Chief unit is available as either AC or DC powered. DC powered Night View units, operating entirely from the vehicle’s standard battery system, enable installation on any existing pumper and other fleet vehicles without a generator. The Night View chief is also free of maintenance, oil free, and have a wide area of illumination field. While the Night View Chief is narrower in size, the unit features 1000 watts of AC light or two 80 watt, 12V DC LED light fixtures, which deliver bright scene lighting and full pan and tilt capabilities.

Below are pictures of the Tianhemast Night View Chief mounted on the State Grid Service Team vehicle fleet.



China State grid serving vehicle fleet 

Camera integrated into Night View Chief system

Tianhemast Night View Cheif

State Grid Yellow color service vehicle fleet

Night View Cheif


For additional information, contact:

Ryan Zhou, Marketing Manager

0086 18968747960 (mobile)

Skype ID: tianhemast




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