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Solar LED Light Tower

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Product Name: Solar LED Light Tower
Item: Solar Light Tower

Item: Tianhemast Small solar light tower 



Tower: 3.5m

LED: 50W 

Battery: 12V 55AH

Solar battery charger: 2x50W first class solar panel single crystal silicon

Accessories: 4x mechanical jacks,Air compressor,Solar power controller

This is Tianhemast recently job for remote area lighting solutions, unlike gas light towers ,it use only battery electricity powered by 2x50W solar panel instead of gas fuel, cost saving,go green ,go efficient is the advantage of this unit.Like if you deploy the light tower for weeks and months and years, it will save fuel money for you.

This solar unit have 4 mechanical jacks for stable and safety use, all cables build inside include the mast and the spiral cables for the connection of the solar panel. There is pressure sensor mounting inside to detect the mast pressure in a normal way.  You just only open the blue door,switch the button left and right to let the mast go up and down automatically, and another button is for lights on and off.

tianhemast solar light tower unit


Below is the Tianhe solar light tower configured parameter: 


solar light tower parameter

  • The storage battery configurations ensure over 7 hours' lighting for 6 overcast and rainy days,in case meeting the week without sloar charging.
  • The solar battery charger configurations ensure battery charged fully in 12 hours in direct solar radiation.
  • SC refer to series connection,PC refer to parallel connection.



Sonnenschein solar storage battery from Exide Technologies Industrial Energy,which is a global leader in stored electrical energy solutions for all major critical reserve power applications and needs

SonnenscheinA400 battery

Technical Advantages:

  • Maintenance free during the whole lifetime.
  • Designed for 10 years service lifetime at an ambient temperature of (68 F) 20 degrees Celsius (with 80% residual capacity).  Eurobat classification: High Performance
  • dryfit technology: The electrolyte is immobilised in a gel.
  • Grid plates in mono blocks.
  • Very low gas emission due to gas recombination.
  • Short recharge time.
  • Not restricted for air, rail, and road transportation (in accordance to IATA).
  • Very low self-discharge rate: batteries can be stored up to 2 years at (68F) 20 degrees Celsius.
  • Safe in case of deep discharges according to DIN 43539 part 5. 
  • Installation regulations given in the operating instructions must be adhered to.
  • Recycling: lead acid batteries can be recycled at the end of their service life for recycling.
  • Economical: excellent performance to price ratio and very low service costs.
  • Approval from German Telekom.


Solar power controller:

  • Automatic voltage recognition technology,metallic shell controller
  • solar power controller


Solar battery charger:

Monocrystalline silicon solar cell board,photovoltaic effect is more efficient than polycrystalline silicon.

  • solar light charger


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