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Sectional chain lift telescopic mast

Product Name: Sectional chain lift telescopic mast
Item: Rigid Chain Lift

4 meter chain lifting telescopic mast 

Technical specification : 

Retracted height: 1.7m

Extended height: 4m

No of section : 4

Tube diameter range: 70-125mm

Payload Capacity: 300kgs minimum 

Power Supply : 220volt AC or 110volt AC 

The telescopic lifting tower designed by TIANHEMAST meets the requirement of a growing market for compact towers. This purely mechanical drive system is based on our Rigid Chain Technology and is easy to install even in difficult environments, can be configured for specific functions, and requires only minimal installation space. The system consists of a chain lift drive which stabilizes the extended lifting chain and the load. It forms a unit specifically designed for applications where the loads cannot be guided.

In operation, the applied conveying forces are transferred to the foundation plate, making for superior stability.Easy to install, no excavation work or tunnel boring is required because the retractable lifting chain is stored in a compact magazine at the ground level.

The telescopic lifting masts is available in different sizes and options, for all industrial sectors, depending on the needs of the customer. For larger installation, the unit can be grouped and the operation easily synchronized via frequency inverters.

Already in use on industrial assembly lines (aviation, automotive, nuclear, thermal, etc.), they are a genuine alternative to hydraulic solutions; reducing environmental impact like oil spill, increasing the reliability of the equipment, and eliminating most of the maintenance costs.

Use Chain lifting technology – a purely mechanical actuator for lifting heavy loads, based on our Rigid Chain Technology

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