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Rotating Telescopic Mast

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Product Name: Rotating Telescopic Mast
Item: Locking Mast

Product Name: 12m Pneumatic Telescopic Masts

Style: Auto-Locking Collar

Extended Height: 12m

  • Retracted Height: 3.2m
  • Head Loads: 30 kgs
  • Sections: 5 sections ( Base tube 115mm diameter)
  • Mast Weight: 50kgs
  • Mast Rotatable: Yes
  • Wind Resistance: 120km/h un-guyed   200km/h guyed

Default Accessories: 1 x Top flange, 1 x  Bottom flange 1 x air hose pipe

Optional Accessories:

  • AC 220/50Hz  Puma Brand electric air compressor
  • 1×4 guying lines (1layer 4 ways) with mounting stakes
  • Ground Mounting Tripod

Antenna Mast 2013-08-09 12.38.39_副本 Trailer mounted telescopic mast


This product is specially designed for Antenna use,, such as UHF,VHF,HF ,ham radio, amateur radio with Tianhe's great technology to ensure client have a easy accessories to build their own antenna freely and easily, also our products reduce the cost of buying a yaesu rotator by adding a rotating bottom base on the bottom of Tianhe Telescopic Mast, this mast designed for concrete mounting and will have a middle wall flange(plz refer to pictures and Tianhe youtube video channel) ,also we do customized masts tailor to client's needs.
Select a Tianhe Telescopic Mast , Let us win the commercial future togethe and have mutual benefit.


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