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Tianhe Telescopic Mast Factory has recently updated it's product range and shot a lot of product video there  Plz Clikc below:  www.youtube.com/user/TianheTelescopicMast/videos  for a detaled look All range of telescopic mast , light tower , your best tactical equipment provider  Thanks

                         2014 INTERSEC EXHIBITON & TIANHE TELESCOPIC MAST FACTORY 2014 DUBAI INTERSEC   commercial security & homeland defense exhibition will take place on Jan 19th to Jan 21th 2014 , and Tianhe …

Internal cable mast for lighting use Locking antenna mast Fire Truck Lighting Mast & Command Vehicle Light Tower Vehicle  Roof Mounted Mast for mass quantity production Packed in Wooden Crate This is  our production capability ,  powerful , rigid , …

2012.07.23 Wenzhou Bullit train crash happened , Tianhe  Telesopic Mast Factory arrived at the first time in the rescue scene,Tianhe light tower provide lighting and mast services for the relief effort, but also for rescue workers to save lives to …

Tianhe Antenna Telescopic Mast for government use. They drive the SUV in the field and deploy the mast with the antenna. Thanks for Tianhe Automation Component Factory  (Tianhe Telescopic Mast Factory ) doing such a strong antenna mast for portable …

Tianhe Telescopic Mast Factory Supplying Tactical Equipment for Law Enforcement in China Police SWAT   Police Armored Vehicle Mounted telescopic mast with surveillance system  which is a fist products from Tianhe Telescopic Mast Factory. The reliable products of Tianhe Telescopic …

 Tianhe Telescopic Mast  A certificated , well organized, idea innovation company , recently got its CE Machinery Certificate Renewd.  We making products strictly to   MIL-STD-810F standard and Europe CE Certificate.

Wind Resistance – Mast Wind Resistance and Calculation Method 1) Knowledge of Mast Wind Resistance Mast wind resistance is one of the important technical indicators of mast products. Every customer wants to know how much wind force that their mast …

A Tianhe Non-Locking pneumatic telescopic mast is a telescopic mast that is for temorary use, inner tube will remain air pressure. From the working principle and the technical characteristic, its functions as a telescopic cylinder. In use, lifting up and …

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