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Mobile Cellular Tower Carried on Trailers

Tianhe Telescopic Mast Factory have long been the telecom company's partner on their job fulfillment.

Recently our Cheif technical director ChangQiao have announced that we have finished our portable cellular tower design which can be extended to 18 meter (60 feet) height and carry a load of 100kgs for mobile cellular tower. This special equipment can help the telecom industry have more convenience ,less people, more efficient when in conducting a mission of remote area cellular signal provide.

Trailer can be equipped with hybrid power system or oil power system or just solar renewable power system .  The tower are fully automaticlly deploying with a click of the button , no man power is needed during the operation , 90 degree mast tilt are well welding assembled ,  when in transportation status it remains horizontal position, and when in operating status , the pneumatic cylinder will help the mast goes in straight position .

Let's do it.

Mobile Trailer Cellular Tower

mechanism design of trailer mast Trailer Cellular Tower Design 

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