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Mission with Automobile security leader Tagtracking

Tagtracking company is a automobile security leader in Canada. 


Their Mission 

Their mission is to become the standard for automotive security and theft prevention systems. This will be achieved by designing and bringing to market the most advanced, effective and reliable products in the automotive security industry. Becoming the clear market leader will also be achieved by providing our customers and partners with the highest quality service and support.    


Their team 

Their team members have been at the forefront of vehicle theft prevention and recovery and have accumulated almost four decades of relevant experience. To date, members of our team have recovered millions of dollars worth of stolen assets. Some of our team members have been behind the design and development of award-winning vehicle tracking and monitoring technologies and are widely recognized as leaders in the vehicle security industry. 


History & Vision

From Day 1 they’ve been pushing technological boundaries and have achieved never before seen levels of performance and success in our patented products. Our No. 1 goal has always been to become the clear leader in our market segment. The company was founded with the goal of developing vehicle security systems that are designed and built according to our profound knowledge of how thefts happen. To this day and through our unique relationships with organizations that specialize in theft prevention, we continually strive to elevate our understanding of how and why a vehicle theft occurs.

Their unique vision stems from a core belief that in order to bring to market products that not only excel, but also become new benchmarks, they must leverage our knowledge and experience. This knowledge and experience, combined with leading-edge, robust and cost-effective solutions, are behind everything they do.


Below is Tianhemast the elevation leader's mission with Tagtracking company and provided the high towers to meet Tagtracking company's mission and best help the automobile security field.

automotive theft prevention made by Tianhemast for tagtracking company pneumatic telescopic mast deploy in tagtracking canada tagtracking  trailer with Tianhemast tower in action

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