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Mechanical Telescopic Mast

Product Name: Mechanical Telescopic Mast
Item: Mechanical Mast




7.4m Mechanical Telescoping Pole Mast for many applications

  • 1> Item : MEW-3
  • 2> Extended Height: 7.4m
  • 3> Retracted Height: 2.4m
  • 4> Max Head Loads: 30 kgs
  • 5> Number of Sections: 4
  • 6> Section O.D. Range: 69mm ~ 125mm
  • 7> Materials: Aluminum Alloy 6005/T5
  • 8> Working Temperature: -55~800C
  • 9> Round Top Flange, Bottom Flange included.
  • 10> Mast Weight: 47.5 kgs

 Packing : wooden crate size  267cm*30cm*30cm


Total Shipping weight/unit = 78kgs




Nycoil solution 3D CAD design for antenna, CCTV camera , telecommunication.

winch telescopic mastNycoil bracket manual winch telescoping masts clamp for winch mast


Many clients have the same problem of run the cables for the designated objects onto top of mast without protection. When mast goes up ,the cables is outside going up and there is no protection from the weather ,when it is snowing , hot sandy areas etc.

Above pictures are one of our solutions for cables, the NYcoil is a plastic tube that have a diameter of 20mm inside the tube for clients to insert their cables.

Many clients will ask a same questions: Can we put the cables inside the mechanical telescopic masts? 

Answer is no, because mechanical telescoping mast is more complicated in internal structure compare to pneumatic masts, and inside mast there is very little space to run a spiral cable. Besides,there is stainless steel ropes which is to support the paylaod is also go through each section inside the mast tubes.


manual winch mast model

Video link of the solution:

4 meter mechanical mast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeetBPlsbXQ

5.8 meter & Nycoil solution for CCTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rcsyK_wNA4

7.4 meter mechanical mast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmy5R0Aqo-c



Project we do for clients:

Project we do for South America mining light tower 

Project we do for South Korean thermal camera

Project we do for Australian antenna trailer 

Project we do for Biggest security company securitas 


Mast 3D design and wind force analysis by computer: 

Mast 3D prototyping wind loaded 

Wind force analysis rescult




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