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Lighting Telescopic Mast

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Product Name: Lighting Telescopic Mast
Item: GSD-GT

Product Name: Lighting Mast With Tripod Stand


Product Technical info:


MODEL Outer Diameter of Outmost Tube Inner Diameter of Innermost Tube No # Section Retracted Height Extended Height  Payload Capacity  Net Weight
GSD-23-GT(1200-2300) 58mm/2.28in 34mm/1.34in 3 1200mm/4.94ft 2300mm/7.55ft 30kg/66.2lb 4.4kg/9.70lb
GSD-28-GT(1100-2800) 87mm/3.43in 34mm/1.34in 4 1100mm/3.16ft 2800mm/9.19ft 30kg/66.2lb 9kg/19.84lb
GSD-35-GT(1528-3500) 69mm/2.72in 34mm/1.34in 3 1528mm/5.01ft 3500mm/11.48ft 30kg/66.2lb 8.4kg/18.52lb
GSD-42-GT(1560-4200) 87mm/3.43in 34mm/1.34in 4 1560mm/5.12ft 4200mm/13.78ft 30kg/66.2lb 13.2kg/29.10lb
GSD-42-GT(1400-4200) 115mm/4.53in 34mm/1.34in 5 1400mm/4.59ft 4200mm/13.78ft 30kg/66.2lb 18.5kg/40.79lb
GSD-50-GT(1750-5000) 87mm/3.43in 34mm/1.34in 4 1750mm/5.74ft 5000mm/16.40ft 30kg/66.2lb 14.8kg/32.63lb
GSD-57-GT(1880-5700) 87mm/3.43in 34mm/1.34in 4 1880mm/6.17ft 5700mm/18.70ft 30kg/66.2lb 16kg/35.27lb


This Product is designed for Portable Field Lighting Use.All of the above model is light weighted and can be carried by one person and is easy deploy, you can deploy it with a hand pump, foot pump or small air compressor, it will automatically raise by giving appropriate air pressure. It is best choice for Portable usage in Many field. We can mounted the cable inside the masts for different applications , antenna field, broadcast field, photography field, meteorology field, etc  

To select in the above graph, you have to know the masts extended height you require and if cable is needed ,you have to give us the cable specs such as how much AWG(America Wire Gauge), how many cores , coaxial video cable needed (75ohms)?

Choose Tianhe Telescopic Mast Group Products, Let us conquer the commercial future together.


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