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Latest mechanical mast technology

Tianhe Telescopic Mast Factory is the world class leading designer and manufacturer of elevating equipment. We have two kinds of telescopic mast series : mechanical driven mast and pneumatic type mast.

There are some advantages and some short point of both two type mast. Mechanical mast will do much better in critical environment expecially in cold areas like Norway, Russia, and some other polar region. Because pneumatic type mast is air operated ,when the air is pumped into the mast tube, there will be certain amount of moisture goes into the tubes together with the air and remained in the tube which won't volatilized for long time because of the seal ability to lock the air. So when it comes to cold condition, the temperature will drop below zero to -5° or even -30°the moisture will freezing to ice and block the mast from going down.  So if you want to deploy a pneumatic mast in a polar region, you have to make sure that the air is dry enough or the air should be Nitrogen. So mechanical mast won't have such problems.

Another key factor on choosing these two type of mast is the payload on top of mast. Ideally if you want to put more than 150 kgs things on top of the tower, pneumatic mast will easily do the job to fulfill your needs, and is very smoothly going up and down without any hesitation. The head load is supported by air pressure, simply raise air pressure and set the pressure valve. The load is not a problem for pneumatic mast, and safety work such as applying several guy ropes to make the mast stable should be the priority things to consider. When it comes to mechanical mast payload capacity, it is all depend on stainless steel ropes thickness that tech people select on each mast. We are happy to announce that Tianhemast Factory Chief Engineer Changqiao Yang have developed a outstanding mechanical mast system that build all wires(stainless steel ropes) inside the mast even can not be seen in the mast collar parts to prevent the stainless steel ropes from critical environment and better protect the ropes from rot or oxidized. Now in the current market of mechanical mast, our rivals is build the ropes in the collar or outside the mast which is not good for mast protection.

See below pictures of our Chief Engineer Changqiao 3D CAD prototype of the mechanical mast:

design of mechanical mast

We are the expert in all kinds of telescopic mast, we welcome your inquiry and asking questions any time.

If you are interested in tianhemast mechanical mast, please drop a message.

sales@tacticalraptor.com or sales@tianhemast.com

Tell: 0086 18968747960

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