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Korea mobile surveillance project

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Tianhemast have been doing great jobs on mobile mechanical telescoping masts for years. And it's mechanical telescoping pole served wide range of industries for long time.
Now it comes to have an opportunity to take part in the Korean company to supply Tianhemast's marvelous mast and tower solution to mount the Korean company's thermal camera surveillance equipments to fulfill the UN PKO Lebanon Project on 2014. "We are proud that we have been selected as a trusted supplier of the Korean company and our mast and tower solution have also make the UN soldier safer and more comfortable when taking the military action" said Tianhemast sales director Ryan.

Every mechanical telescoping pole is being carefully tested with a heavy load of 30kgs iron plates before packing it.  Usually the pole have a safety factor 2 on the procedure of calculating the mast and the certain length of smaller pole remaining in the larger section is the key factor of the safety issue which is strictly managed by Tianhemast Chief technical director Changqiao and its team based on the 3D CAD inventor and solidworks.

Below is a pictures of the mast testing with a 30kgs load.



mechanical telescoping masts


The bulk quantity 4 meter hand winch mechanical telescopic tower made for Korean company's thermal camera project for UN.

Tianhemast mechanical mast pole

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