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How To Select A Tianhe Pneumatic Mast

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How to Select aTianhe Pneumatic Telescopic Mast?


Select a Tianhe pneumatic telescopic mast is very important for your special application. We can supply the most suitable, economical mast according the information you supplied to us as following.

1> How tall the mast in application. For example, 20 height, 15 m height or others.

2> How much weight of the equipment which will be mounted on the mast top. For example, 30 kgs telecom equipment, 30kgs illumination equipment.

3> The area of the equipment surface. which relate to the wind resistance.

4> The retracted Height range. 2m~2.5m retract height as example. 

5> Mounting Manners: mounted on the ground, side/back of a vehicle, through a vehicle, or mount on side of a wall.

6> How long time of the mast work? for example, the mast will be worked in extended height fully long time as one day, two day, or a month,……, or the mast will be work temporary.  

7> The wind resistance on the working place.

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