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How to make the telescopic mast stable and strong

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Product Name: How to make the telescopic mast stable and strong

This article is written for people who are interested in the safety knowledge of a telescoping mast tower .  Here are some factors of the fabricating telescopic pole.

1. This requires the pole material with sufficient strength, the number of the aluminum should be at least 6061T6 aluminum or 6005T5 aluminum, 6063T6 aluminum which most Chinese telescopic mast maker use is not as strong as 6005T5 let along 6061T6 aluminum.

2. The horizontal projected area of the load which is planned to mounted on to of the telescopic tower is another key issue that needs to be considered. That is to say , if the horizontal projected area of the load is big ,and it will have more impact on the wind force than a smaller projected area. Let’s take a example below which is calculated by The Willburt Company.

3. Usually the clients from Military ,Law enforcement and some other Commissioned project they requires no guy ropes option for the mast quick and time-saving deployment. So the calculation are based on no guy ropes.

   Case 1  Telescopic Mast height :20 meters
           Load weight : 20 kgs     
           Load horizontal projected area : 0.2 square meter
           The aluminum could suffer maximum 72km/h wind speed without deform

4. The multi section telescoping mast have to withstand the load force and wind force , so the mixture of the two force are usually pointing to the direction of the guy ropes. Aways the case , TIANHEMAST team design the mast which all should be meet the full load and fully extended and can be withstand a wind of 8 degree.

5. Sometimes the time requirement will not be so strict , so we can do it with guy ropes to secure the mast. The tightened mast guy ropes can share some mixture force.
Once the telescoping mast is over loaded with external force or deploying in a hurricane day , it will easily lead to damage to the lift mechanism transmission parts. Pneumatic, hydraulic lift cylinder masts will cause explosion, electric, triangular tower, herringbone ladder will cause damage to the drive member.

6. Consider the actual use of the uncertainty, the proposed design specifications should be greater than the nominal hosts. Telescopic masts industry in the crane safety factor is 6 to 10 times. Dynamic load lifter proposal should reach 3 or 4 times the nominal load, static load should reach 6 or 8 times the nominal load.

7. A phenomenon that the force components lose the ability to maintain a stable equilibrium, such as finger or slenderness ratio (such as member length and cross-sectional side length ratio) is too large and the small force sudden onset of deformation under great force outside the plane and can not maintain the balance .


If you require more information on telescopic masts, please do not hesitate to drop a message.

sales@tianhemast.com or sales@tacticalraptor.com

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