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Difference Between Non-locking Mast & Locking Telescopic Mast

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Product Name: Difference Between Non-locking Mast & Locking Telescopic Mast

Our pneumatic non-locking telescopic mast (crank up mast) has a maximum height of 32meters and payload capacity from 30kgs to 500kgs.
Applying field:
Lighting solution, Telecommunication, Vsat antenna, UHF HF VHF antenna, Broadcast vehicle, Specialty vehicle, Law enforcement, Mobile security solution, Fire truck lighting  etc
Some client usually ask us a questions: Is there any difference between locking pneumaticmast and non-locking pneumatic masts?
Non-locking pneumatic telescopic mast is used for temporary use, usually mounted on vehicles and tripod for field portable temporary use, it will stand for like hours.But locking masts can be stand for like a month or a year. For vehicles, we will adding a pressure sensor on the mast tube to detect the mast inner air pressure, if the pressure is not enough , the sensor will give the compressor signals to let it auto worked and supply air into the mast tube again.
Locking pneumatic telescopic mast (telescopic pole) is just by adding a locking device on the mast collar to secure the masts from retracting. And you can remove the compressor when the telescopic mast is fully extended or extend to your required height.
You can deploy the device at different height because the masts have many sections each mast collar will have a locking latch pin.
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