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Customized Design Military Mast

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Product Name: Customized Design Military Mast
Item: Non-locking Mast

Tianhe Telescopic Mast Group provide Outstanding telecoping mast tailor to each client' needs.We design mast according to client's requirest , we would do 3D CAD design ,surface CAD design ,3D modeling, antenna bracket tailor to client's specific demand such as UHF HF VHF antenna, surveillance camera, military radar, solar panel, meteorological sensor,boder defense security system, LED &Metal halide lighting solutions,Vsat WIMAX antenna and some military applications such as Iron Dome Defense System.

We would provide pneumatic mast both locking type and non-locking type, manual winch mechancial masts specially used in remote area,portable mast and trailer mounted masts. During the designing period, we would do mast wind force test by computer with Tianhe Telescopic Mast Group great Engineer Team lead by technical director Ted, he will make sure every client's special idea like sandy area ,acid rain, military requirest,high temperature, freezing environment, mast camouflage color , remote area where there is no electricity supply ,such as these questions. We would do exactly 100% tailor to your needs.

We can do the masts that tailor to each client's projects no matter individual or military, we have experiences in this field over years.
We have sold thousands of masts world wide.

Above pictures is mast 3D CAD modeling, mast wind force and top force loaded,mast material internal force calculation result, mast top section displacement result.

If you are interested ,drop us a message , we would respond you within 24 hours.



Youtube Video Channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/TianheTelescopicMast/videos

Facebook Site: http://www.facebook.com/TelescopicMast

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