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Chain link lift system

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TIANHEMAST Chain lifting system description


TIANHEMAST committed to complete the study of the linear actuator with a chain lift system program that chain hoist solutions become a new mechanical components vertically load or load platform. The major innovations, has been widely used in the automotive industry, the nuclear industry, industrial furnaces, steel manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and other fields theater stage. According to available data, the drive chain hoist program and its application for a brief introduction.


1. Principle of work

In industrial applications, there are a variety of different technical solutions to solve the problem of load linear motion, there are frequently used: hydraulic cylinders, cylinder, electric putt (propeller), chain, wire rope, cams, ramps slider, scissors support, and self-assembled rack and pinion lifting and so on. Some of these methods are complex systems, such as hydraulic, pneumatic, cam, slider, scissors, self-assembled gear rack and spiral movements, etc., need a power conversion system and motion: some single function, can only withstand tension and not to withstand the pressure of the occasion, which can only pull but not push the moving object, such as chain, wire rope and so on. Study chain hoist program is mainly to solve the chain reach using improved both in tension and can withstand the pressure of problems, which make it in the field of linear motion (arranged horizontally or vertically arranged) widely applied.



The basic structure of a chain hoist with the same ordinary chain, but the chain plate special shape, the structure diagram shown in Figure 1

figure1 Figure #1

At both ends of the chain pin, the outer link plates are used to drive the wheel, the intermediate link plates are used for larger drives inside diameter guide rollers. One end of the link plates has a shoulder and the other end is provided with shoulder grooves, adjacent link plate chain shoulder and shoulder grooves with each other, so that the chain can swing in the other direction you can not swing in one direction. When the chain under pressure load, the head of the chain links of special shape so that the force point deviation from the pin center, between the shoulder and the shoulder grooves generated locking force of the adjacent links interlocked, with a rigid chain pusher features. In order to maintain the stability of the head links, two pins. The structure of the head link diagram shown in Figure 2. The drive force from outside the chain still has the characteristics of the chain can be bent to facilitate folding storage.

figure2 Figure #2

Hinge lifter is the basis of the chain hoist is used on specially developed new chain hoist lifting program. The structure diagram shown in Figure 3.

figure3 Figure #3


Inner and outer link plates on both sides of the front two rows pin, the pin is provided at both ends of the rollers for driving and guiding the medial (inside the machine guide side) pin used to connect the outer link plates and it has the ordinary chain as a function of the relative rotation. In the outer (driving side) pin position corresponding to the inner and outer link plates are opened with the same pin diameter gap, notch engaging pin and link plates, you can make as a building block link Like, when I leave the drive sprocket pieces stacked to form a rigid column. And chain hoist, as the hinge lifters also use force status of the head of the special chain links, and the role of the pin and the notch, so interlocked between chain links.

Chain hoist program from the driver drives, the drive features a drive sprocket and the guide plate, chain hoist using a chain plate in the middle of the wheel, using a chain hoist hinge plate guide roller guide, the guide plate can make the chain drive just left when the sprocket is in a vertical position, and into the drive-load side chain is at the state level. The drive sprocket may be made of any form of mechanical device needed to determine the speed and power of the driver. The internal structure of the chain hoist and hinge lifter diagram shown in Figure 4 and Figure 5.

figure4  Figure #4figure5 Figure #5



2. The conditions and configurations



2.1 Conditions of Use

Chain hoist lifting program for the conditions of use:

1) in the whole stroke of vertical movement of the load carrying platform externally-oriented, in order to ensure correct locking link. Under normal circumstances the need to balance the two guide rails carrying platform, large or complex shapes platforms require further additional guide rails. Use of institutional self-steering capability (such as scissors), we do not need another guide mechanism, but the agency should have a considerable accuracy.

2) carrying platform must be connected to the vertical bar and chain lifting program does not allow any shaking. When connected to the platform and load, using chain hoist program head of the special links and webs. When the chain stroke, installed from the top of the chain link plate chain centerline measurement error is less than 0.5 mm.

a) the drive must be securely mounted on a stable basis, based on the horizontal plane should be, and can not have any shaking.

b) When the lift is used for manned lifting platform must be prior consent TIANHEMAST or his legal representative. At this point it should also set the perfect protective devices to ensure their personal safety.

2.2 configurations

A plurality of program chain hoist lifter can form a group, and this group lifter with only one motor mechanically synchronized drive. Such chain hoist lifter configuration program has great flexibility, can adapt to a variety of load and lifting platforms of different shapes used in various specific circumstances and situations.

Commonly used configurations shown in Figure 6, Figure 7, Figure 8.


figure6 Figure #6figure7  Figure #7figure8 

Figure #8



2.3 chain store

Use characteristic chain chain lifting program, which can be reduced storage space. When a single store, the store lift travel distance plus a few links away. Can also be used with mobile sprocket guide ring store will be stored distance is reduced by half. Figure 9, Figure 10, Figure 11, Figure 12


figure9  Figure #9figure10  Figure # 10figure11  Figure #11figure12 Figure #12



2. thrust, speed, computing power and the length of the chain



3.1 Thrust

Total thrust Ft acting on the chain hoist program lifter on the load gravity Fw, friction Ff, acceleration and deceleration inertial force Fa and the sum of the external force Fe.

Ft = Fw + Ff + Fa + Fe N

Fw = 9.81 × m N

m is the total mass rising kg (when the trip should be more than 3m into account the quality of the chain itself)

Frictional resistance Ff depend largely on the friction surface rail may be applied to the component with the coefficient of friction on the rail of the product obtained.

Acceleration, deceleration inertial force Fa may decide to choose according to specific circumstances.

May force Fe in a collision (such as lifts a collision with mechanical stop) appears. It may decide to choose according to specific circumstances.

Each acting on a chain hoist program lifter force by dividing the total thrust Ft lifter with the number n is obtained.

3.2 Drive power

To calculate the drive power must first determine the number of revolutions of the driving torque M and the drive sprocket R.

M = (Ft × p) / (1000 × 0.8) Nm

Ft is the total thrust N

P is the pitch mm

0.8 to consider the efficiency of the system coefficient

Sprocket by the desired number of rotations R lowering speed is obtained, since the number of teeth of the drive sprocket 6, it has:

R = (1000 × S) / (6 × p) rpm

S for the lifting speed m / min

Required drive power P is:

P = (M × R) / 9550 kW

3.3 length of the chain

Calculated using the length of the chain is shown in Figure 14. The chain length of the common link L represents the number of sections.

L = [(B + U) / p] + 5 + Lr Festival

Where: B– structure requires a drive with a lifting platform starting distance mm

U– lift travel mm

The minimum number of section 5– drive memory stay

Lr– When using storage ring, the mounting accessories required number of sections. Preferably Lr = 6.


figure14 Figure #14



2. Application Examples


Chain hoist program has the following advantages:

– Standard Speed: 200mm / s;

– Low noise: at a speed of 50mm / s, the noise is 45db (A);

– Positioning accuracy: positioning accuracy <1mm;

– Very little maintenance;

– Fully reliable and stable structure;

– Have been designed with a rigid column bolt internal security, both the chain plates are each connected to the platen and ground.

Chain lifting scheme applied to the stage machinery began in the mid-1990s, in 1996, British Glantre stage count technique Consulting will chain lift system program in the horizontal movement of the Duchess number (Ship "Grand Princess" ) cruise stage facilities on a large number of applications.

In 1999, the Austrian company in Barcelona opera house Wagner Biro side wagon drive system, use of horizontal transmission chain hoist program. Japan Biwako Opera House side of the car station is also using the horizontal drive chain hoist program. In recent years, the vertical movement of the chain hoist lifting program started in stage machinery is used, see Figure 15


figure15  Figure #15


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