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CCTV Camera Telescopic Pole

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Product Name: CCTV Camera Telescopic Pole
Item: TH-CCTV02

Product Name: CCTV Camera Telescoping Pole for Mobile security


  • Model: GSD-75-IC(2300-7500)
  • Retracted Height: 2.3m
  • Extended Height: 7.5m
  • No of sections: 5
  • Tube diameter Range: 65-160mm
  • Mast Material: 6005T5 Heat-treated Harden, Silver Color Anodized  (difference between 6005T5 aluminum and 6063T6 aluminum)
  • Mast Weight:64.5Kgs
  • Vehicle mounting Bracket Optional​​

The cctv internal cable telescoping masts is a unique design by Tianhe Telescopic Mast Factory to fulfill the CCTV security industry’s needs , both in quality and reliability said the CEO Eightnotes in Monday at Wenzhou Local CCTV camera industry conferences.

As the upcoming new challenges for the mobile security needs , cctv telescoping masts will do a great effort to the community security work, allowing the remote camera to view the vision from all angles and have no dead angle . Constructed with weather resistant, hard coated heat treated aluminum, Tianhe CCTV telescopic mast delivers significant unguyed performance , providing easier deployment in rural and remote areas for mobile security needs where there is no electricity and no pole for standing in height.

Rigorous testing has been proven that the mast will work very great in the performance needed in CCTV security industry.

Aluminum  advantages :  

Tianhemast using best aviation aluminum Number 6005T5 aluminum which is rugged and military degree that enable tianhemast to make the mast lighter and the payload higher.   Proof of the Tube Number

Cable advantages :

The Cable is specially designed with 2xCAT5E ,2×0.5m㎡(19AWG) ,2x 1m㎡ (17AWG)brass core for control ,power and signal supply. 

Click Below to see large detailed photo of the CAT5E cable that we integrated into the spiral cable with metal net for Camera image signal protection.

CAT5E detailed photo1    CAT5E detailed photo2


CCTV telescoping pole quantity make by Tianhemast

tianhemast quantity production



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Video below  deploy with pneumatic control panel 


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