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Carbon Fiber Composite Telescopic Mast

Product Name: Carbon Fiber Composite Telescopic Mast

Lifting System Product Introduction:

Material of the lifting system lifting unit (rod) use of carbon fiber polymer composite materials belonging to the carbon fiber is excellent in the mechanical properties of a new material, 1/4, tensile strength carbon fiber resin composite material is less than the proportion of its steel generally In 3500Mpa above, is 7-9 times that of steel, the tensile elastic modulus of 230 ~ 430Gpa also higher than steel, it is also higher than the modulus than steel.

Lift the system rod using linkage design prevents a section rises rod, descent frequent locking and unlocking process, the system can rely gear lock (height error is less than 20mm) at any position, locking reliable, drop the rod body load decreased by gravity; connecting rod between the high strength aluminum alloy by using a movable cover flange connection, rod and rod ends closely with stable and reliable connection, to enhance the use of pulleys connected to elevate saving time;
This for all-weather use, corrosion resistance, the overall structure of the system design is simple and practical, easy maintenance and repair ;

This product can be used on the ground, vehicle and ship use, lift the rod antenna can be installed, Haeundae, lights, cameras, communications equipment, meteorological instruments. Widely used in public security, fire, communications, meteorology, municipal construction, all areas of a variety of natural disasters, emergency scene nighttime rescue, rescue, etc; can be installed on the satellite news gathering vehicles, OB vans, military and police command vehicles, emergency communications cars and other vehicles and other models; also as a sports venue lighting carrier.
System Specifications:
1, the total lifting height (mm): Maximum 18,000 (can be customized according to customer requirements);
2, shut height (mm): up to 3150 (which can be customized according to customer requirements);
3, the maximum dimensions (mm): 230mm
4, the base mounting screw e (mm): 4-M12
5, the maximum size of the outer lever D (mm): 117
6, the minimum size of the outer pole d (mm): 50
7, rod section number: 8 (7 carbon fiber composite tube; an aluminum tube)
8, the rod material: carbon + glass fiber (which can be chosen according to customer requirements)
9, the rod body weight (kg): 22.4kg (90% carbon fiber + 10% glass fiber)
10, lifting the total system weight (kg): 55
11, carrying capacity (kg): 60
12, hand force (kg): ∠7 (60kg)
13, a steady wind speed (km / h): 62–74
14, limit wind speed (km / h): more than 120


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