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Cable Build Inside Mast

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Product Name: Cable Build Inside Mast
Item: Non-locking Mast

Produc Name: Internal Cable Mast

1>Type: Locking or Non-locking 
2>Model information are similar to Lockin or Non-locking Pneumatic Mast
3>Cable wire info: Spiral Cable customized tailor to your special needs include: Coaxial Video Cable, CAT5 Internet Wire, Survelliance Video Cabe, Portable Lighting Cable,PTZ Cotrol Cable etc.
4>Mast above 8meters can not mounted the spiral cable inside the telescopic mast tube, it should use the Nycoil to suit for the cables which we have  1/4",   1" ,  3/4"  three size.


nycoil for broadcast mastNycoil

CCTV Internal Cable Mast is Tianhe Telescopic Mast Group's Design products that suits many applications include

Military antenna vehicle                 Telecommunication Trailer

Communication vehicle                   Military  Shelter  

Fire rescue vehicle                         Recreation  vehicle 

Electricity emergency vehicle          Monitored control system

Diesel generator light tower             Border line Defence

TV broadcast vehicle                       Speciality vehicle                

For Tianhe Pneumatic Mast under 8meters we can put the cable inside the masts to prevent acid rain, temperature influence, sandy environment, corrosion ,freezing cold, such critical environment which will cause some unexpected happening to the equipment deploy , like influence the camera visual signal transfering, PTZ control avaliable etc.

For Telescopic Mast that is over 8meter height , Tianhe Telescopic Mast Group will provide another solutions for cable protection.
We have Nycoil which is spacialized tailor to your needs to protect the cable and ensure a long life span of the equipment.
Tianhe Telescopic Mast Group is always pursue the best quality telescoping mast to client since its establishment, and have a rigid quality control according to MIL-STD-810F US Standard.

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