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Australian company antenna trailer project

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Product Name: Australian company antenna trailer project

Australia is famous for its mining industry and has had a wide territory of land that are remain unexplored and is full of coal mines and iron mines. So in these areas , mining industry needs a effective way to keep all of their stuff connected and have a better condition of work, so they will buy some mobile communication devices to fulfill their requirements.

Below is one trailer build in an Australia company Brisbane factory branch. And Tianhemast are partnered with this Australian company to supply the equipment to the mining company.

Tianhemast have been honored to supply with its fabulous mechanical telescopic mast range series to equipped with the giant mining industry leaders in Australia.

Below are pictures of newly build antenna communication trailer units which have integrated all system into one platform.

aerial antenna mechanical mast

The trailer contain 2x100W solar panel,1 unit of Tianhemast 8 meter mechanical telescopic mast, and the antenna series etc.This trailers are doing excellent jobs in mobile communication needs for the fellow people of mining industry since the mining area are always remote areas and have no such complicated communciation utilities, thus these equipment will meet the requirement of the mining giant.


Below is pictures of the trailers in assembling facility in One of Australian factory.

 Mobile antenna Trailer build by Australian company


If you have any doubt or want to look more deep into this project ,just drop me a message , we will help you in this field.

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