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8meter non-locking Pneumatic Mast

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Product Name: 8meter non-locking Pneumatic Mast
Item: Non-locking Mast

Product Name: 8m Pneumatic Non-Locking Telescopic Masts

Style: Auto-Locking Collar

Model: GSD-80-FA(1850-8000)
Extended Height: 8m

  • Retracted Height: 1.85m
  • Head Loads: 30 kgs
  • Sections: 7 sections ( Base tube 160mm diameter)
  • Mast Weight: 60kgs
  • Wind Resistance: 120km/h un-guyed   200km/h guyed

Default Accessories: 1 x Top flange, 1 x  Bottom flange 1 x air hose pipe

Optional Accessories:

  • 110v / 220v / 24v / 12v  vehicle mounted air compressor , or Puma Air Compressor
  • Ground Mounting Tripod or Vehicle mouted bracket(Outside) or vehicle internal mounted

This Product is designed for various kinds of vehicle use mainly in Broadcast, satelite ,Vsat antenna, Command vehicle, specialty vehicle,fire truck and some other vehicle useage.It is a tactical equipment that best work at some government place and military field, also there is a lot of individual buy our non-locking mast for their own purpose .
Usually this kind of non-locking masts is mounted on vehicle and have vehice mounting options both inside the vehicle and outside the vehicle.
Also you can buy this unit and deploy it with only a tripod stand out in the field.
Choose Tianhe Non-Locking telescopic mast ,let un bring you great technoloy and services.

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