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8 meter screw motorized mast

Product Name: 8 meter screw motorized mast

Model: MEE-80*5

Retracted height: 2.25m

Extended height: 8m

No of sections: 5

Tube diameter range: 70mm-147mm

Payload Capacity: 30kgs without guy rope

Mast weight: 100kgs

Packing dimension: 230cm*40cm*23cm  (wooden crate weight 20kgs)

Dual way operation ,when there is no power supply , we can use hand to lower the mast,please check out the video link below for a more detailed looking.


1>This Telescopic Mast have some advantages over pneumatic mast ,, the main advantage is it can suffer from freezing environment ,but pneumatic mast is not able to work below zero degree centigrade. 

2> Pneumatic mast will needs air compressor for supplying air to operate the mast going up ,but this type of electric screw motorized mast ,you only need to connect the power for the mast 12v / 24v/ 48v/ 220v available and then press button then the mast will go up automatically ,free of oil and air.

3> Point to Point antenna postion accuracy is ensure by this design also.


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