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4KW 35′ LED Mobile Light Tower

Product Name: 4KW 35′ LED Mobile Light Tower

Raptor Technics 4KW 35' LED mobile light tower

Key Features: 

  • Dot regulated dual axle North America standard trailer
  • 4KW LED panels with Cree single chip
  • Tilt down mechanism & air locking system for tower transportation safety
  • Automatic electric cable restoring wheel (cable feeder)
  • Touch screen control for automatic lighting 
  • Industrial degree remote control available for site direction positioning 
  • IP 67 water resistant tool box & air pump box & electric box 

Raptor Technics is one of the world leading manufacturer of lighting towers include diesel gas and solar power driven towers.

We focusing on quality based and new innovative mechanical solutions as well. 

The 4KW 35' LED mobile light tower MegaTower are built for construction site , mining area ,  outdoor stadium events etc.

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